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Unfired C.T. Brian Phase V Comp gun
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  • Make: C.T. Brian
  • Model: Phase V Comp gun
  • Inventory #: 95079
  • Caliber / Gauge: .45 acp
  • Barrel Length: 5-1/2
  • Price: $7,995.00
  • Status: available

"This pistol is without a doubt the most beautiful custom to ever leave this shop". 1991- C.T. Brian. A snippet from a letter sent to our customer by C.T. Brian in 1991. This gun was also used for the cover photo of his 1992 Pistol Sports Inc catalog. This pistol was never fired by our customer. It does have some handling marks and very minor high edge wear, as it has been handled in the 25 some years since it was built. It comes with the original build sheet, the original update letter I quoted from the builder himself, a 1992 catalog, extra spring, tool, 2 mags. Listing the ups and extras on this pistol is unnecessary as most of you reading this recognize what was done and know the quality of any product put forth by C.T. Brian. Word is that he won't be taking orders much longer, has a 5 year wait list and once that is done- there will be no more from this builder. This is an opportunity to get your hands on an unfired example of his pistolsmithing from over 25 years ago. $80 shipping to the lower 48 and 3% surcharge for using a CC.