Privacy Policy

The Firing Line respects your privacy. The Firing Line collects only information required to complete a specific transaction, at the time of that sale. We do not request payment or financial information via e-mail, only by phone, or postal delivery. We maintain records of our customers only through our sales database, and do not harvest this information for marketing, solicitation or outside data collection. We maintain records of transactions only as required by law.

 We will retain electronic correspondence, and addresses only to the extent that we deem necessary to continue a relationship for a specific sale, or inquiry, unless otherwise agreed to (as in the case of a “wish list” or other customer initiated data file).

 We ask that you do not send us vital personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or other personal or financial information as our website is not set up as a “secure” site at this time.

The Firing Line does not sell, rent or lease any personal information, including email addresses. We will not send you any unsolicited email messages. The Firing Line may collect statistics about users visiting and using the web site.